Next Competition: May 12, 2020

2019 Teams


Pioneer Readers--West Greene Elementary Center

Bookworms--West Greene Elementary Center

Bell's Bookworms--Carmichaels Elementary

Radical Readers--Carmichaels Elementary (1st Place)

Carmichaels Bookworms--Carmichaels Elementary

Fiction Addiction--Flenniken Public Library (3rd Place)

Hogwarts--Flenniken Public Library

Reading Raiders--Central Greene Elementary (2nd Place)

​WCES Library--Central Greene Elementary

​​Middle School

Global Burning--Flenniken Public Library

Book Olympians--West Greene Middle School

The Champions--West Greene Middle School

The People Who Read--Margaret Bell Miller Middle School (1st Place)

The Page Turners--Margaret Bell Miller Middle School (3rd Place)

Gryffindor--Jefferson Morgan (2nd Place)

Sirrius Orange and Black - Jefferson Morgan 

​​High School

The Speed Readers--West Greene High School (2nd Place)

Ravenclaw--Jefferson Morgan (1st Place)


To Enter a Team

Teams must be entered by May 1, 2020

Teams consist of 4-8 students

Multiple teams from one organization/school are welcome

Team submissions

Email team name(s), roster, coach and school/organization representing to:

Team names per level may not be duplicated and are accepted on a first come first serve basis.